• baishali_das 6w

    I Saw Everything

    I saw everything
    That they did to you
    Forgive me, for I was silent
    For I did not stand for you,
    Forgive me, for not being there for you
    For not saying the words
    And giving the hugs
    When you needed them the most,

    I want to make things right
    I want to stand with you
    I want to kill those bastards
    Hell hath fury on those monsters,
    Saying you are not alone
    Sounds like an overused cliché
    My silence is what I want to atone
    Please forgive me, I........hey!

    Don't close your eyes
    Don't stop your breaths
    Let me grab the loudspeaker
    Let them hear what your pain says,
    I saw everything
    They did to you
    But now I won't be silent
    I'll stand with you till justice comes.