• poetjb 5w

    God Tears


    I don't know what to do,
    God I trusted you,
    Served you on the alter,
    Praised you every sabbath,
    Worshipped your almighty name,
    Prayed to you whenever I needed help,
    Had faith in you,
    You are a way maker
    Was it too hard for you to make a way for me,
    You made way for the Israelites when they reached the Red sea,
    Yet you can't make way for me to get my life in order,
    Why did you give me a gift for it turn into a curse,
    Forgive me father, I don't choose my words, words choose me,
    Why do we suffer if there is no light at the end of the tunnel,
    I did no wrong, am just human and we are prone to error,
    God, why did you tear me down if you can't rebuild me,
    God, why did you break me if you can't put my pieces back together,
    God, why did you watch me cry everyday if you can't wipe my tear off,
    God, I need your help why do I feel your absence,
    I know am not perfect, but do I really deserve this pain,
    I have build this in years don't let me watch it come down in seconds,
    Am no Judas neither am I perfect,
    How do you feel watching your child stare at a handful of pills ready to end it all,
    You are capable of changing things but you just sit there and watch,
    or Are you watching us, tears piling up in your eyes, nowadays sin is trendy,
    Forgive me if am too much,
    Jesus died on the cross for our sins forgiving if I feel crucified,
    Our father, how is heaven,
    Hope you are all doing fine,
    I write this pieces trying to heal myself,
    Am supposed to act tough but you made me fragile,
    Am haunted by mistakes,
    Haunted by your deafening silence,
    Let me just live, I have no courage to watch myself finally let go.
    God tears.

    *JB Thee Poet*