• arpitha_varma 5w

    When everything around you is asleep, stay awake and wait for a while, you'll see
    the stars shine brighter and sharper
    and the shadows of the rabbits
    on the moon, you almost believed they weren't real, didn't you?
    And the clouds, oh the clouds!
    They are painted so beautiful
    and believe me, the dark ones are sweeter than those on rainy days,
    so pretty you'd want a taste.
    But when you lean in forward
    for a bite, and close your eyes to
    enjoy it melt in your mouth,
    you'll fall asleep, so fast, that you'd think you're still awake, and then deeper,
    so deep, you'd forget to stay back awake.
    And of course, you had to forget it all,
    make yourself believe it was a dream,
    just so you could live it all again,
    like how you'd re-read your books as if
    you hadn't known it would end that way.