• thewonderpoets 11w

    I do love you

    The worst thing ever is seeing her
    My only and best friend
    Slowly replace me for another person she thinks is her friend
    But treats her horribly
    And does not love her the way she said she does
    But of course you are always mine to love but never mine to keep
    even though you haven't left yet there is always someone you love more than me
    And yes I strive to be all the things that you adore
    But sadly I have never met up to your standard
    I feel as if I am plagued with all of these flaws haunting me
    by the thought that I will never be good enough for you
    Never be helpful enough
    Never be pretty enough
    never be silly enough
    Just never be enough
    But no matter what she does to hurt you
    You will always run back to her when she needs you
    To hurt some more of course
    You wait at her hand and foot
    you treat her like she's a princess when she's done nothing to deserve  that title
    And then you come running back to me when she doesn't want  you anymore
    But I've always been that 2 option The back-up plan
    the make me feel better plan
    for you and for a lot of people in my life
    I've always been the second choice because I'm caring and kind and I'm good at make you feel loved and cared for
    When she's  done hurting you
    you come to me and allowing my silky words and love to
    heal your wounds that she has caused
    Then once you are healed
    You ditch me once again
    and go sit at her feet
    And any Little command she tells you to do
    you follow
    you allow her to treat you like a servant
    and you don't mind because if it makes her happy
    that's all you care about
    her happiness
    not yours
    Or mine for that matter
    which shatters my heart into so many pieces you can possibly imagine
    Because that night what she did to you
    it didn't hurt her
    I didn't affect her in anyway
    she wanted that to happen to you
    But yet I was the one helping you
    I was the one holding your hair back
    so you could puke that whole bottle of pills up
    I was the one who had to call your parents so they could rush you to the hospital
    I was the one who stayed up all night  alone in my room crying because I didn't know if you were going to make it or not
    You turned what I thought was going to be the best day of my life into the worst one
    That's just one story of you sending my heart racing
    But yet I've never left your side
    Know matter how many times you've left mine
    I just wish I was worth enough for you to open your eyes
    For five seconds to notice
    I'm the one who really truly loves you and
    wants the best for you
    Unlike like her
    I spend every waking moment thinking of how I could make you happier           

    -I do love