• davetrotter 6w

    IF EVERYONE WOULD STOP WORSHIPING THE VIRUS WITH FEAR AND GO BACK TO BEING NORMAL, THE NORMAL LIFE WOULD HAVE KILLED THE VIRUS ALREADY AND WE WOULD HAVE BE DONE WITH THE VIRUS BY NOW. THEN VERY FEW PEOPLE WOULD GET IT THE NEXT YEAR. You shouldn't shut down schools or businesses because somebody's gets a cold, or the flu, or covid-19 or other viruses. PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS going to get viruses and covid-19 has a very high survival rate of 99.6 just like other viruses that we don't do anything about. COVID19 should be treated the same as we've always treated other viruses. NOT IN THE EXTREME RIDICULOUS FASHION THAT IT IS BEING TREATED.
    It is ridiculous, it is stupid, it is extremely destructive to a person's livelihood and to the education of children to continue to WORSHIP covid-19 when the flu is more deadlier to young people then covid-19. Speak out and stand up against the mask, social distancing, and lockdowns. THE GOVERNMENT is just using the virus to gain more control of your life by using more FEAR. THE MORE YOU FEED THE FEAR over a virus the less ability you will have to be free and feed your family then the more the government will own you.