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    Phoenix vs Auroth,the winter wyvern.

    He arrives to unfurl warmth
    Into desolate space.
    She roams to eviscerate light
    Wherever falls her gaze.

    He is the beacon of light
    Upholding a virtuous ambition.
    She seeks a lower purpose
    Of merciless eradication.

    He eagerly wanders to shine light
    For the needy folks.
    She strolls to shatter the innocence
    Out of guileless souls.

    He,the son of sun,
    Is birthed to fulfill the solar destiny.
    She,the daughter of Illidan,
    Is created to conspire against the diety.

    He must stop Auroth,
    For he is the bearer of light.
    Will the devotee of darkness
    Back down from this fight ?

    #mirakee #fiction #writersnetwork #writerstolli

    Image credits :- Magic magnet and Valve
    Based on the video game Dota 2

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    Bearer of light
    And the devotee of darkness