• myfaultyrants 31w

    The Last Dance

    When we took the posture, looking in our eyes.
    The bliss was certain, When I held your hand high.
    For this to be eternal, I had to pull you close.
    And in this proximity, We heard our hearts more.
    Your cheeks turned red, when you realized.
    My other free hand grabbed your waistline.
    With the soothing music, I bent you on your back.
    And with this gesture, We began our dance.

    With twists and turns and circles and rounds,
    To the moves that kept you afloat from the ground.
    With your angelic smile and mine shimmering dress,
    We moved to the music, like lovers restless.
    With the beauty and the grace and perfection of our groove,
    The hearts of many young alikes were moved.
    From the Rumba and the Samba and the Tango and the Jazz,
    When we had each other, We were ready to dance.

    Now the time has gone and the things have changed,
    And so our dance and the partners on stage.
    The Rumba, The Samba, The Tango are all dead,
    And the music of our dance has vanished in the air.
    I dance no more to the music of love,
    And hear no more to the chirpings of birds.
    I don't need a partner to be given a chance,
    Such are the memoirs of our Last Dance.