• a_r_p_i_t 5w

    The Seven Sips...

    Sitting alone,
    I'm getting quite bored
    No one to talk
    No one to look
    I desperately search
    something to cheer me up
    With nothing but
    nothingness itself in my hand
    And all of a sudden,
    something hit me
    With hopeful hands,
    I pick it up.
    A bottle it is
    Glittery , round and nice
    it is written,
    in good old labels.
    I try to take a sip
    And indeed it is
    the wine of memories
    And here I am,
    back in the time machine.

    First sip,
    It is for the first words
    I heard from you
    Sweet, really they are
    A song I seem to hear
    And the blush I had
    Oh, that's embarrassing.

    Second sip,
    And I feel the chill
    The shiver
    which ran through me
    the moment you said
    those three magic words
    My heart seems to skip
    a beat or two
    And here I am,
    drowning again.

    Third sip,
    It's the first walk
    we had together
    We seem so happy
    My eyes focussed
    only on you
    And here I fall
    my legs hit a stone.
    But my eyes,
    They don't move.

    Another sip it is,
    You are on the other side
    of the phone
    Sleeping so peacefully
    A smile pops on your face
    A sweet dream it is
    I want to linger
    But I may wake you up
    from the first sleep
    you had with me
    on the phone .

    The fifth sip,
    And I don't want to see that
    It's the first time
    you were mad at me
    For something
    I must have said
    So, I move
    To the next sip
    Hoping never to
    return here again.

    The sixth sip,
    The most beautiful
    Of all our moments
    Cuddling in a bed,
    as if there's no next time.
    And all else seems to fade
    And you and I
    Are all there is
    In the little world we have built.

    The seventh sip,
    This seems so familiar
    Oh, this is me
    Sitting alone.
    Have I returned ?
    Yes, I have.
    To the loneliness again
    I want to go back
    But the bottle
    No there is nothing like that
    What there is,
    is a desperate me
    searching just for you......

    -a.r.p.i t