• _dark_shadow265 5w

    Love, love had me playing games.

    Love had me playing a card game.
    Just when I thought I was playing my cards right, the deck got reshuffled.
    I kept my cards very close to my chest, while you laid them on the table and remained unruffled.
    I should have played my cards better, because I surely was The Joker.

    Love had me playing scrabble.
    You picked the perfect letters that had you whispering to me the perfect triple words.
    You ranked the highest when it came to the game, I should have played crosswords instead.
    I’m left with too many tiles intact, and I refuse to play again

    Love had me playing chess.
    I played my moves right, but every one is prone to make mistakes.
    I fell in line to all your desires, I was a pawn with no regrets.
    Things changed with very right or wrong move made, the endgame had you calling check mate.

    A game. Love is a game
    For me, I learnt that all games come to an end.