• _nikita_p 5w

    It's been a while
    I am with this amazing person,
    She knows how to dance in every muse,
    what to let go and what to choose,
    Stuffing herself with illuminated stars,
    Glimmering her smile with all her scars,
    She has held herself,
    With curves of her lips,
    She knows one melody,
    not everyone sings ,
    She visits the place every now and then,
    The place where joy exists.
    At 3 am ,or under whispers of those lines,
    near the seashore, or in the longs sips of those caffeine's,
    In the little pakoras ,
    or in the pouring rain,
    somewhere in narrow 'gallis'
    or maybe watching that train,
    The fireflies in the summer,
    or maybe just like that,
    She has something widespread
    always on that round face,
    She sails On the river of downs,
    On raft of love with her face of clowns,
    I could see her each day now,
    In the mirror,
    and in all that shines!

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