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    I brewed a concoction in a cauldron made up of desire. Therein lied my hopes which melted away in the heat of that intense fire.

    The first colour I inferred was of the brighest iridescent red. I managed a glance oh! was there in that burning cauldron also my hidden dread.

    The love that I harboured for you burned giving a greenish hue. Was it because it was always covered in jealousy envy and sometimes malice too.

    The next colour that emerged was the palest pallid yellow. I learnt that this time in that cauldron my vanity was burning, weak it was, yet it sometimes made me shallow.

    The last colour that came out was unfathomable midnight black. I wondered what could give such toxic fumes, I peeped in saw my heart burning away, and finally fell down slack.