• loudest_word 4w


    Collision at first...
    The spark, the birth
    The flame burns
    Blazing brightly
    Very likely to be quenched
    For times of rain will always be around to drench
    And to cleanse
    Even the mightiest and thickest of them

    Two bodies...heavenly
    Made for one another like destiny
    Could've taken each other and potentially
    Grown to something more than what they had to be
    Its so sad to see
    An unfortunate odyssey
    You won't believe

    Lost now...
    Flame's out
    Both parted
    Not even a trace of remnants from where it all started
    Its all tarnished
    Shoved under the carpet
    To be forgotten
    Because they had a dance with chance
    Just to think about the odds of that
    They had to collide...
    Only for them to collapse.