• ajvees 23w

    This is my farewell

    I don't know who you are. Sometimes you appeared from dark of the night, sometimes from the rain, sometimes from warm sunlight. My heart fluttered every time, when you appeared.
    It wasn’t a short period, but I never experienced its long days and dry summer.
    I had been waited for you.
    I won’t regret.
    Because of you, I started to like myself, I started to love, I started to feel and I started to care.
    It is not that much painful, it is something else, which I cannot predict ever.
    Now, the time to free me from your hands, it is not a tight hold, it wasn’t.
    After knowing that, I stayed with you.
    Let me go now.
    I dreamt enough, I waited enough, I thanked enough, and I loved enough.
    Now the time has come, to wake up from all my dreams.
    And I have to bury this dead and decayed bit of dreams, I liked them once, it embarrasses me now.
    I knew that a day will come like this, on this day I am telling you “Thank you for everything. Now this is the time for a farewell”.
    I know you are not weak, but you are not strong enough to hold me.
    Do well.
    You have to do well until my last breath; this is the curse I have to give.
    I won’t cry, I won’t miss you anymore.
    You weren’t there during my last years, let me pretend so.
    Hope we will not meet again, will not smile again and will not miss each other.
    This is my farewell.