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    If you want to be with someone, if you want to have them in your life show them that, don't just tell them that. They might have heard it all before, they might have heard similar sugar coatted words a hundred times before. Words aren't enough for them, they aren't enough for them to trust you, they gotta see that you mean every single word that you have said. Show them that, prove them that.

    Some might say that proving your worth to the one you love is not worth it, but it's not really true. Love needs to be proven through action, they need to see that you would be true to your words, that you would be for them, with them even if no one else is.

    You need to prove your love doesn't mean that you have to stay/work on a relationship where you are forced to prove your worth, where you are forced to do things for them. NO! It doesn't mean that, you know where to prove and what to prove, you don't have to prove your love by gifting them things you can't afford, you don't have to prove your love by doing things that you can't handle physically/emotionally. A true love would never force you to explain or prove your love that way.

    Words means nothing unless your actions prove those. Action would prove who you really are without which you are just an imposter, just pretending to be someone who you would never be nor could be. Anyone can say things that you would like to hear, their words would keep you occupied in a land of fantasy but when it gets real they would just bail out, leaving you alone in the land of fantasy. Love is not fantasy as seen in movies, love is life and life sometimes could get pretty rough and when it does you need someone by your side who would protect you and support you like they once said they would.

    Don't promise, just prove. Don't talk, just act. Don't say, just show. Don't pretend to be someone they would like you to be, be your true self. Show your true self. Love needs to be proved by action, that's the only way to earn trust and mutual respect in a relationship.

    Be truthful about your feelings, never play with their feelings by your fake words. Express the feelings that are meant to be expressed for the long go of a relationship, show it again and again. Proving it is the only way to get them to believe you, it's the only way to get them to reciprocate the love back at you. Prove the sincerity of your love and they too would be sincere in the relationship.

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    Let us not LOVE in WORDS, WORDS sure are BEAUTIFUL but LOVE is an SELFLESS ACTION, not a combination of SUGAR-COATED WORDS.
    What you SAY doesn't really matter, the only thing that really matters is what you DO.
    LOVE not by WORDS, nobody WISHES to HEAR LOVE.
    LOVE by ACTIONS, everyone WISHES to FEEL LOVE.