• sarra_xo 22w


    Things between us won’t always be perfect, they will be messy and not easy. There will be days where we fall out of sync, where we fight, and miss a few beats. Every stumble is a learning experience. Every conflict, battle and discontent, the space between us will grow wider and we will begin to understand how we both work.

    There are days where I will fall apart and be distant. But do not worry, or be sad. There are times where I will not like what I see in the mirror and I will get caught up in my own self loathing thoughts. When you start to feel as if I am distancing myself it is not because I don’t love you anymore, it is because I don’t feel deserving of your love.

    Like experiences, I will seek to read your moods and differences between every shade of you. I will learn to know when you will need space and when you need nothing but my love. Some times I will come easily, with no effort, while some will call for patience and hard work. But with a good perspective, trust, and commitment our relationship will grow and will be rewarding and someday.. we will fall into this beautiful rhythm, just like our favourite song.