• ganga_writes 10w

    Dream that felt real

    Wedding flowers fluttered in breeze
    Reflecting the beauty of the children running around the mandap with joy
    Smiles were exchanged between elders
    Weather was happy and easy-going
    As though it knew this was meant to be marked on its timeline

    Though not a huge crowd invited
    It was a happy cosy function
    Parents of the bride and groom finally found that relief that they had been looking out for since many years.. That moment of peace and comfort which they wanted to cherish for long
    Was right in front of them

    The groom looked happy
    It was all simple clothing
    Yet marked by the badge of the function
    It knew its elegance and sparkled away the beauty
    Men clothed in golden ranged dhotis and slightly glossy shirts that resonated the celebration
    Women in fine silk sarees and little girls in pattu pavadais (matching mini silk tops and skirts) and little boys clad in mini dhotis and shirts

    It was simple decor in turquoise and golden colors and pink roses
    The bride and groom wanted it that way
    The bride wore a red saree marking the custom, not many ornaments but the ones worn spoke grandeur
    She realized the moment has finally arrived
    Everyone around were happy...
    It looked perfect like a scene from a movie, she too was looking for this, but.. (yes this tiny word always brings us to reality, doesn't it?)

    But her mind ran blank
    She looked at her phone, her mind questioning.. was this right?
    It was like efforts were placed to order her favorite customized newly embroidered outfit, but when it finally arrived at home, she just couldn't look at it, her heart was still on the dress that he said.. looked so beautiful.. years ago at a cafe...

    (ok, enough of that comparison.. Moving on :) )

    It was as though things were happening around her
    And she was just sliding through all of it with eyes open but heart closed
    She wanted to be happy. But what she did not want to do was.. not having to put in efforts to be happy at her own wedding. She wanted it to be natural.

    She had wanted to give him one last chance
    She knew she had given many and was disappointed every time, but somehow her love for this human was not seeming anywhere close to tired.. It even surprised her.

    And this she understood when she literally shook in the dream when the groom tied the knot but her heart was looking elsewhere
    Not understanding why she isn't happy
    Why does her heart still wants to give a chance to someone who perhaps doesn't even deserve it, a man who said that he doesn't believe in love.
    Why was her heart still hugging onto hope..

    And yes she got happily married, with a tear running from one eye, and a dam of the same from the heart..

    (Tired reading? .. What a tiresome dream.. :) )

    It was a relief when she woke up
    As all of the above was just a dream. And when she realized it was a relief, she knew she was indeed in love & it could not get more real than this perhaps, well.. Ironically. :)

    And she lived happily ever after.