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    my lord,
    he broke me
    now I am more broken than I was before

    when I close my eyes
    i see him with her
    i see their texts fill with love emoji
    and holding hands

    my lord,
    he broke me
    now I am hanging by a thread.

    i try to imagine myself without him
    but he was my home
    how can i just let go of something that meant the world to me?

    my lord,
    he broke me again
    now all my pieces are shattered across the floor

    i fought for him
    more than i have ever fought for anyone let alone myself
    i fought his demons and mine

    my dear lord,
    he took my hands and asked me to take the risk and i did
    now i can’t take it back

    He offered me the world and more when he was chasing me
    but it seems like he got tired of me
    all i asked for was respect, love, affection, trust, and attention
    but he wanted no part of it and even played with my words

    my lord,
    he broke me, willingly
    now I don’t know who i am

    i don’t know how i can survive this
    i don’t know how i can surpass this
    i don’t know how i can be me again.

    my dear lord,
    he broke me for no reason
    now all i can do is hide in my wardrobe

    if it was my fault
    if my temper drove him away
    if my actions and my feelings weren’t enough
    if my body wasn’t enough
    if i wasn’t enough.

    My Lord God,
    He Broke Me With No Remorse
    Now How Can I Fight?

    #angel #heartbreak #heartbroken #Lord

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    my lord,
    he broke me willingly
    now my pieces are scattered all across the floor.