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    TWINS! Many of us, think they're cool, lucky and cute? Maybe!

    Nonetheless as a child, I've never fancied a brother who was as little as me. I've always coveted for an older brother who could take care of me and pamper me just like my cousins did.

    However I've adapted to the fact that I couldn't have an elder brother. But, sharing things with my twin made me think twice.

    I mean sharing was ok, yet, to what extent! We shared same birthday, that's whole lot already. Consequently, we couldn't do things whatsoever we desired to do on our birthdays.I had to watch cinema of my twin's favorite genre, though I loathed action movies. Also, my brother never liked pistachio, despite that, he had to cut a cake with me of aforementioned flavor because I chose.

    With parents especially like ours, we had to share everything. We shared a lunch bag, a turtle toy which I loved with all my heart and a sole bicycle over which my twin was obsessed. We've had no other friends except for each other.(who would befriend us, when we squandered all our time on one another, sharing things and grappling over).The six-year-old me, was peeved at my parents.

    On a sultry evening, I couldn't stop myself and went to my mom, with a pouty face and asked her to bestow me with my own stuff, so my twin and I wouldn't have to share. My mom huffed and laughed at me. I was confused. She caressed my cheek, saying, "when you share things, you share love". I didn't know if it made sense and I didn't even want to know. I was angry.

    Another year passed that way.

    One Sunday morning, my twin and I went to grandma's house which was not too distant from ours. I rode there by bicycle, with naked feet and my brother came on foot. We played with our cousins and had fun riding the bike. And have gotten it's tyres punctured.

    It was afternoon, the weather was cold but humid. My mother called up our grandma to send us back so we would have lunch at our place. And she did. I started walking home with my unshod feet along with my brother. We weren't yet half way through. And the sun above started blazing furiously. I continued walking.We still had to cover about half more distance to reach home and I perceived my soles turning red with the hot tar road below. I was unable to walk any long.

    Considered, it was summer and afternoon, road was empty. Nobody could see my plight. Turning around, my brother noticed that I was behind him and burst into snickers. I glimpsed at my tottering figure and realised the reason for his mean laughter. I was embarrassed and hurt. Moreover my feet were being baked in the searing heat dissipating from tar. Tears pooled in my eyes and I was hysterical in no time, still staggering on my feet. The sniggering wasn't heard any more.

    I saw a familiar figure in front of my misty eyes, positioning my feet over his ones.I sighed in relief. He tried walking in such wise. But it didn't work for us. With an expectant look in my eyes, I beseeched him to not leave me there alone.But he took my feet off him. I was teetering again. My annoying twin smiled at me.At this point, I was dejected. My brother suddenly bent downward, discalced himself and motioned me to wear his sandals.To say I was shocked at that, would be an understatement. Yet, I disagreed and asked him to wear them back. I wasn't that self-absorbed. I've experienced the pain and did not want him to be the victim again.

    But my brother said he would leave his shoes there and go home if I didn't wear them. I wasn't convinced although my hurt soles longed for some respite. Staggering on his feet, he took my right arm and made me swear on his head. Further, he said he would run so fast to home that he wouldn't suffer any pain. Without giving me chance to anymore discussions, he asked me to come home carefully and sprinted through the way home.

    At that moment, that very precious moment, what I shared with my brother wasn't just his sandals. It was something more. I reached our home and saw my brother waiting for me in the porch. I grinned at him and hugged him involuntarily.

    I didn't comprehend instantly why he did that but I surely considered myself lucky for having him. Since then I haven't craved for any other siblings.

    Now, if I think about that incident , I realise, that my very own little twin, proved my mom's words to me, years ago, WHEN YOU SHARE THINGS , YOU SHARE LOVE.

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    When you share things, you share love