• desmond_otikpa 5w


    The travails of the night,
    Heralds great joy
    To two cuddling souls
    Which in love do bleed.

    Here we lie,
    Beneath the colorful cascades of Niagara.
    Your sleeping face reflecting the memories of hours past.
    Of the beautiful kisses you planted on my lips.
    Of the sweet scent of your bare skin on my chest.
    Of the moments we lay as one, my fingers racing the perfect curves of your body.
    Of the spasm you felt when my mouth traced below your navel.
    My tongue yearns for another taste of your neck.
    My teeth hungers another soft bite on your nipple.
    I watch you sleep, beautiful.
    The glory of your face squirms my body again.
    I shall keep watch while you rest.
    I shall stare at your wet lips,
    And hope our tongues wrestle again when you wake.

    Now the west wind caresses the trees.
    And my heart gladdens at the gurlgle of the morning birds.
    But the songs of dawn terrifies my soul.
    The stars disappear in pairs.
    And the light bulb of the night's sky
    Keeps fading farther than our eyes can reach.

    Oh dear!
    Enemies of dawn we are.
    That young light from the east,
    Signals the end of this romance.
    The sun is rising, and we shall rise with it.
    When it sets again,
    We shall lay yonder
    And let our lips fight anew
    The sweet battle of love.

    From he whose lips you own,