• i_b_ktesho 22w


    The day you decided Catwoman is sexier than Harley Quinn.
    The day your Joker decided to leave me by 8:45PM on a Tuesday evening.

    The day you decided you would rather drink Champagne than Coffee because you've been awake for too long and it tastes terrible.The day i became the vice you had to quit
    I saw the end of the world and all my superheros got defeated
    But,My Harley Quinn convinced me that i had to do simple things like existing,smiling like the crescent of the moon and i myself have found my team of superheros and i have experienced the meaning of happiness and pure love without you around.
    It's 8:25AM on a Tuesday morning and my Harley Quinn just whispered in my ears and said
    "some people are more poison than antidote"