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    The Nerd and The Social Butterfly

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    A love like none other
    Pain that still cuts deep
    Wounds that still remain afresh
    Scars that still breathe life.
    The mind and the heart
    A constant battleground,
    If I should wait
    Or should I let go?
    If I should feel numb
    Or should I lament?
    For it's hard to pretend.
    Goodbyes yet to bid
    For I haven't learned
    Through it all.
    But teach me
    When you've learned so.
    "Let it be"
    The mind said.
    But the heart,
    Another battle to fight
    And to be fought,
    If you ever return again
    And find yourself cold
    Who will keep you warm?
    But when you have won
    Let me know,
    If I should still linger
    Or If I should let the wind
    Take me to places
    Of my heart unknown,
    For it's hard to stay
    In this abode of regret
    And of Denial,
    And to a love,
    Lost without a fight.