• binikesh 31w

    The Truth

    Everyday, I dream of clear skies,
    But, the smog disables my eyes,
    Weaving a layer of deception and lies.

    The truth, must break free,
    Telling the world about me,
    That I am not the monster which you see,
    I am a human or I tried to be,
    Playing the game of fame so long,
    Too drunk to decide what's right and wrong.

    Now, I sing the songs of sinking sailor,
    Trying to gather courage and valor,
    Being ready to face the crucifixion,
    And biding farewell to this mortal conjunction.

    Let my tears wash off my sins,
    And my blood immortalize my dreams,
    A dream to build a better world,
    A dream to ignite fire amongst the frozen cold.