• rajeshsahu455 5w

    A lamenting mom

    Mother cryin' behind the scenes
    Haunted huts and hilarious crimes
    For the dollar bills rather
    Entertainment endless preserved times
    Gazing at the doomsday healer

    Verdict on my side proclaimed
    Inbetween the street stumps of gateway
    Have never been so solitary delayed
    Dancing to the moon and sun's gay
    Empty nature and the dumb kind
    As the goats before beheaded

    Lyin' logs and limbless mother
    Like the onset of dusk star wedded
    Weeps the mountain frozen rains
    Brimmin' brook and seas worn
    Season tranquil and highness

    Lamentin' mother and sons drown
    Will sail a boat again tomorrow
    To the heavenly abode for fellow
    Leavin' all alone in deadly sorrow
    Whilst the transparent earthly shallow

    Lookin' for the sunshine to come
    Wakin' for the sunshine to home...