• in_betweens 22w

    Once in a while,
    list things that you still have,
    rather than recording things that you've lost.
    Because first,
    it makes you feel better.
    And second,
    it is easier to construct,
    for it is not that long.

    If index has n number of points,
    you have n big possibilities.
    N probabilities to make it work,
    and N chances to fail,
    or succeed.

    But wait,
    if I asked you to list things that you still haven't lost completely,
    on which number would you put yourself?
    Will you let your own self hold a position?

    how will you walk on the road if you see those ten nails lying on it?
    You must tip-toe with all of your focus on the spaces between,
    because you can't stop and wait for someone else to clean it up for you.
    When one, two or ten of them,
    one at a time, or all at once,
    pierce your feet,
    don't think why it was just you.
    Instead, throw the nails beyond the periphery of the road so it doesn't hurt anyone else.

    The only way, at times,
    to heal ourselves is by being tender.
    hold yourself up,
    just as you hold a butterfly.
    Don't scream,
    instead whisper that this,
    is not how my story ends.

    List things that are still yours,
    and just make sure that you hold on to them even tighter this time....