• jias_wand 6w

    Things have gotten harder,
    Nothing is left the same.
    In every house they want a scholar,
    They don't care about our aims,
    Our hardship, our interest nothing matters infront of their proclaims.

    It felt like just one night,
    Just one night it took.
    To change my life as a cutted kite,
    To whom no one is there to look-
    after, I'm left unbooked.

    The people those i call mine,
    Are still mine but lost.
    They are infront of me,well and fine-
    but when i speak they all get tossed-
    with their loved ones, like if they costs.

    Before the days felt so immense,
    But now even the empty space seems overloaded.
    Presently, numerous issues attacks my brain from every segments,
    I questions 'why its not already exploded?'
    It over comes every situation but massively-maybe its the only way its coded.

    But if we talk about the heart,
    Its a little sensitive.
    Before even being started,
    It develops many things-negative,
    It likes to be cooperative rather than being tentative.

    This may continue for 3 to 4 years more,
    Each coming day is going to be harder.
    Nights would be sleepless and the lotion would be poured,
    The night sky with countless stars would seem darker,
    Our more than half soul would be summoned even before reaching the half border.

    But still i would suggest you to never give up,
    I offer you to once again gear up.
    I offer you for the last time to bring up-
    Ur young soul and breaks the way out of this fatal syrup.


    This is about what many teenagers have been through or are dealing with, presently!!
    I have coated the situations at that time though most of them are negotiating but the last paragraph shows that even with many destructions never give up. It may feel hard now but when these hardwork, hardships shows their results that moment you would praise urself with graceful words!! And would be thankful ��

    Thank you for the read :)
    Correct me if I am wrong at any point ��

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