• neroamee_alucard 6w


    It's funny, isn't it?
    How a pleasant meal can change things?
    Wait, wait let me start at the beginning
    Of this story, as it needs some explaining

    It was a company party at my favorite pizza place
    We were all in a private room, our own personal space
    The tab was on the company's dime
    And believe it or not we were having a wonderful time

    I was eating and drinking, and then I saw her face
    The waitress we had, she was adorable with curves in just the right places
    She saw Me looking, and flashed me a grin
    I returned to my drink, trying to play it off as if it was a sin.

    The party wrapped up, I grabbed my coat and was about to leave
    I came back from outside, I needed time to breathe
    The waitress caught me coming back, she was closing up for the night
    "Yes, i think you'll do nicely for some evening delights..."