• unreachable129 34w


    This is for you.

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    There you were, perfectly fine, a scotch in front of you, flirting with some girl. She was laughing at joke you had said.
    It was times like this the weight of my ring pressed against me.
    And you saw me looking at you. An enchanting smile on your face told me that you were used to the attention.
    And so it began, everyday at six. I'd show up hoping you will come. For that smile. For the smile that made me realise, how much I was missing.
    Now when I sit with you with my husband holding my hand...
    I wish there was something I could do to ease the pain that your eyes hide.
    You taught how to be married. How to be a friend.
    The black under your eyes remind me of how those smiles turned to a friendship.
    You were a sibling I never had.

    You have faced more hardships than most people.
    Have you ever thought of how many people you've Made better?
    Yet, when you push me away.
    I just wish I could do something to help you when you wouldn't trust anyone.

    Your friend,
    Someone who is here because of you.