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    Sorry if it stings you. Just asked some questions and questioning is not a sin. BTW, Eid Mubarak to all and may Allah accept your prayers. #eid

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    Inhumanity can never be a part of any religion and the commandment of God. It actually belongs to superstition and dogmatism. In fact, Prejudices, as it is well-known, begin where the reasons end. Feral slaughter of God's innocent creations in order to please Himself is nothing but idiocy. God would be far more pleased if we properly take care of all of His beautiful creations on earth and fill this beautiful earth with love and peace. But we never intend to utilize our mind or conscience to figure out the deep meaning lying underneath the rituals. Instead, we just follow the conventions blindly that enthralls our mind and heart entirely and fills them with hatred. Dogmatism deliberately keeps us from realizing the truth and the inner-meaning of the rituals. As a matter of fact, we never venture to pursue the truth, rather we are stuck in practicing the coventions indiscreetly. Furthermore, we are afraid of being rational and dismissing fanaticisms.

    Whom are we scared of to speak up the truth? Is it God? God doesn't allow us to deaden His own creations and conceal the truth. Or is it the society who are always ready to put finger upon us? Or is it the fundamemtalists who manipulate us for their own purposes and who are scared of the truth that jeopardizes their existence? Where is introspection we have lost in fundamentalism? Where is humanity, the core value of religion that we have lost in the superstition?