• abeautifulmind 10w

    Staying Alive

    From nothing to your existence,
    from your existence to nothing,
    is the only journey everyone reside.

    My only journey is so different from yours,
    Made of many small of its own,
    That's memories, which we reside.

    Memories, some are happy, some are sad,
    Some are complex, some are bad,
    But we keep all the positive beside.

    That's one good way look forward,
    Forget about the stress of tomorrow,
    What is tomorrow? who are you to decide?

    Why is decision you made early so important
    Let today be a happy day,
    look forward to the future which reside.

    With the universe so big and
    The billions of people around,
    Only few who cares, why is it so hard to decide?