• rodney 10w

    12th November, 2020.
    6:48 p.m.

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    Disturbing Introvert.

    Disturb the water with a stick.
    Disturb the water with a stone.

    One holds control with its rhythm.
    And the other skims through the surface and sinks.

    Just like me,

    Sometimes I need silence.
    Sometimes, I just want to turn extremely violent.

    No, not with humans.

    But with non-living things such as my mobile phone and whatever there's in my hand.

    Fits of anger for the joy of the recluse.
    I feel that I am present as much as I collect dope shoes.

    I don't boast, I simply take pictures and never post.

    I like art, it's kinda therapeutic.
    I like it for the way I can look at myself,
    A little more empathically.

    Nothing about me gets known.
    All the allegory used are disguised
    as common nouns.

    You and I,
    We read passionately.

    But, tell me do you remember the first word of this
    personal note.

    I don't want to call this a ‘poem’ for its sound.
    I don't want to cause you ‘discomfort’ with my mouth.

    I'm here on socials.
    But I hate it more.

    Not you,
    You are here because you are sore.

    We both know what many don't.

    “Introverts invest in minds rather than on photos.”