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    HP 10

    "Why are we here?" You asked looking at the tall building.

    "Neurology and Psychology department." You read the small board indicating the department

    "You never know. I might be having brain tumor right now." Yoongi said earning a tight punch of you.

    "Don't spit nonsense!" You raised your voice a bit but what he said really messed you.

    "How will I live without you." You asked as your eyes started watering.

    "Hey! Hey! Why are you crying it was just a joke." He said wiping your tears.

    You were never so easily hurt so it surprised him.

    "You're mean." You said and walked inside with him following you.

    After going through all the process from the receptionist to the interns, you two were finally in the doctor's cabin.

    "Mrs Min, do you have a history of illness or anyone in your family does?" The doctor asked and you shook your head.

    "Very well. A nurse will escort you for the scannings." You looked at Yoongi and gave a reassuring smile.

    After you were out, the doctor looked at Yoongi who was still looking at the door.

    "How long was she in the room?" She asked making him flinch.

    "One and a half hour after the bed caught fire. The air conditioning pushed the smoke away from her towards the door so when I entered it was all smokey." Yoongi replied and the doctor nodded.

    "You should have brought her earlier. This could be something dangerous." She said while noting something down.

    "It was literally the first time th-"

    "She forgot about it. Maybe it was the first time you saw it. Maybe she forgot things in past too." The doctor interrupted.

    "I've instructed the nurse to take care of her, but Mr Min you should understand, if it is really what I think it is, she is not safe." She said and started telling him about the type of situations that could have happened while you were in the room.

    Soon the nurse came in and gave the reports to the doctor.

    "Where is my wife?" Yoongi asked the nurse but she looked at the doctor.

    He too looked at the doctor who was visibly shocked.

    "I think we can discuss this condition later, you should be with your wife. Nurse please take him to the gynaecology department." The doctor said and handed the file to the nurse.

    "Why is she there?" Yoongi asked in panic.

    "Your wife is 3 weeks pregnant."