• jerryjunga 5w

    Who Knew?

    Who knew thorns would sprout
    From the cracks on the sidewalk
    To bring an end to this walking together,
    To young innocent love?

    Who knew all we said were nothing
    So easy to be cast in the wind
    And easy to not recall
    Like a word was never said?

    Who knew the times we had
    Would look like nothing
    End like nothing
    And give us nothing?

    Who knew someone else
    Would take us from ourselves,
    Turn us against each one
    And forget we ever were better people?

    Who knew ego would be so strong
    To constantly win over emotions
    Not to care
    Not to know?

    Who knew we'd love others better
    Who knew we'd not accept
    We have love in these damaged hearts?
    Who knew it could be hard for us?