• geetanshu_sharma 31w

    @writersnetwork.. A tearful tribute to kashmiri bud!!! ����

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    A bud was crushed in a couple of days
    But who was she
    Determined by
    her caste, creed, religion and age
    The people were busy discussing her religion
    But they never accept that she was pretty Indian
    Our country is developing with a very high pace
    Can go to the moon and back in few days
    But can't find sediments.. ..
    Of undeveloped base....
    I was also shouting as other people were
    But this is the solution we do every year
    Candle march is not a solution of every such matter
    As it can't join the dreams that shattered
    I promise you my bud.. I won't stay quite
    Do something strong which make criminal cries
    I am working my best to ignite human soul
    Which lost there humanity in filtration through sieves
    Of greed, money and goal!
    All i could do is just simple pray
    That your soul rest in peace for ages i can say.!