• apeksha21 50w

    Good bye 2017

    2017 the year which taught me the biggest lessons of my life.
    The only people who were always there for me were my father and his wife.
    This year taught me to never let your happiness depend on others.
    The only person who cares for us is only our mothers.
    Promises are not always real.
    but every thing gets heal.
    Thanks to this year to show me all the things.
    Keep your goals high and fly baby using your hidden wings.
    Thanks to those who were withme on my worst.
    Trust me you all will be always my first.
    Sorry to the ones whom i hurt but know that we hurt the ones we the love most.
    Amazing year with amazing people got some new while lost some old people.
    And the last thing which i learned from this year was "Trust them when they say that they dont care anymore".