• droneking 10w


    Walking through the night lonely and lost and falling to pieces

    Broken hearted reliving seconds of happiness,pain slowly increases

    Beautiful you stepped all over my heart like it was a staircase

    Visions of me and you gone with the wind,
    So down wind I begin to chase

    Kissing,touching secret spots heating up for the ride of your life

    I thought for sure one day down the road I'd call you my wife

    Lies spilling from your guts as I look into your ocean of eyes

    Flaunting me with lust and desire you where a devil in disguise

    And the love I once had for you finally disappears and dies

    Your something that could never be replaced
    Or a hole that could never be filled

    Never trust anyone like I did you, so that wall you broke down I begin to rebuild

    I love you but now I love to hate you, tearless eyes drinking liquid courage so I could be fearless

    Pissed off at the moment but please believe me when I say one day I'll forgive you and hope your heart filled with love and happiness you'll finally possess

    This is where we finally part ways, sorry about some rainy days

    Sorry for the pillow hugging crying nights, lost in space hurt and in a daze

    We could never just be friends I said all or nothing

    We where more than something, The love you shown wasn't for nothing,please forgive me for the way am apologising

    But if I saw you face to face my heart would fly back to that place

    Your heart was my shelter something I could never replace hitting the fast lane like I'm in a race