• sprinklet 11w

    Dark red blood
    Dripping slowly from her arm
    Eyes filled with tears
    And her body was shivering in fear

    She did it again today
    Even though she promised to herself
    That she would stop cutting
    But the darkness swept over her mind
    Again leaving her broken
    The sadness covered her completely
    Her arms felt like aching badly

    So she searched for the blade
    And decided to cut away all her pain
    With three new deep cuts
    It gave a soothing vibe to her mind
    Even though it was hurting like hell

    She started humming a self made
    Poetic lines with her rusty voice
    While sadness took over her and
    Tears started falling endlessly

    "Oh mom! Oh dad!
    Sorry for being so bad
    I am sorry for hurting your feelings
    I am sorry for shattering your dreams
    I am truly sorry for being a dumbhead
    For never taking care of my future ahead
    I am just worthless
    For your love, for your care
    I am just tired of living
    This life is just hurting
    And this pain is never ending
    I wanna take my life
    Yet I am afraid to die
    I don't wanna make you cry
    Over this worthless body of mine
    So I am struggling to live
    So I am faking my smile
    So I am trying to look content
    Even though I am really tired
    Of always faking my feelings
    But I will do this for you
    Dear Mom, Dear Dad!
    I will fake every moment of my life
    To see a smile on your face!"
    In the end of the day
    All she can think is
    "Why is my life so ABSURD?"

    And she went to sleep
    To wake up again
    To fight with her demons
    To fight from this world!

    She is strongest than anyone
    Because she is still struggling
    Even though it is hurting her
    Cracking her body, piercing her soul
    Yet she hasn't given up.
    She is living and she will live
    Eventually, her struggle will win
    She will win
    She will snatch away her life
    From the dirty and vicious claws
    Of depression and suicidal thoughts.


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