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    There I was, wondering about the Butterfly Effect, trying to gauge my feelings on it.
    And I hit a dead end.

    Then, I wondered what a butterfly would think of it, and well... here it is. Just a random thought that I wrote down before it faded away.

    I'm not sure if it's exactly in accordance with the prompt, but the prompt was the inspiration behind it.


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    Butterfly Effect (explained by a butterfly)


    Flap of my wings, and a cyclone swings
    That's what they say, in theoretical hymns

    Frankly, of that, I'd rather not think
    Still, willingly, I'll let my proboscis sink

    To the lush depths of my lover, adored flower
    Unperturbed I'll hover, counting blessings in my power

    Not about the winds that'll tear mine own flower
    But of the triumphant fruit, to be borne by another