• mariely 5w


    "She moves and dances like the air
    With her skinny and tiny body
    Her long ribbon and the rainbow mixes together
    Is it day or is it night?
    She opens her big and curious eyes and the arms
    Runs in circles making all the shapes
    She falls everytime but never gives up
    Pretending to find what it will never be found
    And the noise of her long ribbon
    Reaches close to the stars and it
    Says "wake up wake up"
    Tears come from a dark sky
    And she doesn't know where to turn around
    She is too busy she is too happy
    Nothing will stop her
    And her hair ..Her hair is the perfect brown with the perfect curls
    And when it touches her pink cheeks makes the most delicious ingredients to drink the perfect tea and forget.... to pretend to forget ."
    To my sister in heaven🦋 www.marielyramos.com #linkinbio👆👆