• mana_poetbitz1 6w

    I love you

    And I am born again in your presence
    Words fail to express clearly the depth of my affection
    My love for you defies explanation
    It cannot be expressed in the form of human language
    Blessed to feel the warmth of your breath on my face every morning
    I hate when I have to say goodbye in the morning
    And I love the sound of your coming in the evening
    Ours is an affair of the soul
    Strengthened through the fire of trials and tribulations
    We seek the means to make it across the storms in our life
    Yet I will give up everything for you
    Without question, without hesitation
    In you my dreams are forever coming true
    The stars align in your beauty
    Like the wind you are everywhere around me
    The point of it all is that I love you