• rodney 24w

    Far far away.

    Can any ordinary sentence describe the relevance of an adjective ?
    Verb being talkative isn't going to talk sensitive.
    Group of people can never become a family.
    Cells carrying a part of an ancestral gene cannot force you to accept anyone as your family.

    Our family is home.
    It's more sentimental than a four walls, sheltered dome.

    We barely talk but when we talk, we call ourselves family ?
    We see each other, yearly but we call ourselves family ?
    We barely know each other but we love eachother, whole heartedly ?

    I mean, we call ourselves family.

    We joke and its rarely taken casually ?
    We call ourselves family.

    We get together but measure each others worth, visually ?
    We call ourselves family.

    We love but show hate a step further, mentally ?
    We call ourselves family.

    We aren't family, we are familiar faces.
    One among the similarly bred races.
    Lost ones, living in divided traces.

    When my tears fall,
    I carry them in broken glasses.

    Flowering in shattered vases.

    Because I love my family but we are all separated by,

    Added ages,

    Immeasurable distances,

    Forgotten faces and voices.

    But you see, we still call ourselves family.

    In truth, we are families with degenerative faces fading daily.