• ovi___ 6w

    'Sing like Jingle bells'

    O my God O mY God
    Periods on the way
    Bleeding v and crying 'we' straight whole day

    O my God O my god..

    Meds we have to take
    Mood swings we got to face
    Dying soul,cursing fate
    Pretend smiling all day


    Cramps that can kill
    U could never feel
    Here stain,there stain
    O baby R u Insane?

    Menses bell,menses bell
    Menses all the way

    My endometrium is shedding off
    Nothing less than hell
    Use this tampon,use that pad
    Or shall I use the cup?
    Stay away and don't come close
    Why?What the f*&k


    'Happy Periods'(lolz)