• sadguy88 6w

    Beautiful self harmer

    Beautiful self harmer..
    Your struggling I see..
    Things are going out of control..
    Not the way it's supposed to be..

    Beautiful self harmer..
    Take a moment to breathe..
    I know the war you fight child..
    It's underneath your sleeves.

    You cut the pain you feel inside..
    You keep it to your self.. it's how you hide..
    No one knows, you don't tell a soul..
    You've got this covered, your in control.

    Beautiful self harmer..
    With the blood you shed..
    Wishing you could just escape..
    When everything turns red..

    Beautiful self harmer..
    Now you don't know what to do..
    Did you think it would be ok.. ?
    Now you have no clue..

    That you think your in control of that blade..
    But the blade has control of you.