• purple_people_eater 10w

    Ready for class?

    I remember when she was 8 years old and she was crying so intensly that she threw up. All because she was to sick to come in to school. Now she prays to be sick so she can miss school.
    Whatever, happened to the extroverted, helpful, passionate little girl who enjoyed learning? Why is she now so insecure, shy, and hopeless.
    I mean school isn't to bad, right? All you have to do is sit in a classroom for 50 minutes, watching the clock. Hoping time will move faster. Trying to avoid any eye contact and distractions. Watching the teacher trying to lecture the class about the most useless shit and have the audacity to say " You need this in everyday life."
    I fantasize everyday how I 'll be the next big thing, a person who changes the world. I imagine how I 'll change the whole school system idea of learning, where kids still keep that passion for learning, and actually enjoys school. I just hope one day that 8 year old girl could keep her passion and change the world, but a person can only dream.