• theyellowwallflower 5w

    In Your Opalescence

    I see you up there on that stage
    You glow,your eyes bold
    I sit somewhere back,in the shadows
    In a daze
    Wondering if it is appropriate
    To start the applause.

    I see you take a bow with the cast
    I want to go up to congratulate you
    But you're surrounded by friends and the crew
    I am ashamed of my cowardice
    Because I turn back and I decide
    To turn back and change my mind
    My moment has passed.

    I marvel at how calm you look
    Accepting compliments
    Your enrapturing smile
    Is something divine
    I'd thought it was reserved just for me
    For our secret get away time
    In hushed giggles in our stairway nook.
    But I guess you're just too good at performing
    That I thought in you
    I found my sense of belonging.
    I put myself in your place once
    Instantly my heart raced and my hands shook

    How liberating it must be
    I wonder
    To live a life without censor
    No fear of any blunder
    Not having to think a dozen of times
    Before raising your voice your mind
    With daunting eloquence
    No wonder you look heavenly
    In your opalescence