• niaj_ihdirap 10w

    Ohh yes! I'm a teen!
    Sometimes I may be mean.
    I have a messy room,
    and I too hate classes on zoom.
    I have my friends,
    which are more important than the ones at my ends.
    I may have someone whom I call special,
    but why for others is knowing about him is crutial?
    Also I have a family I love,
    but sometimes they do things like a dove!
    Yes I'm also on insta and snap,
    but who are you to map that?
    I know I spend more time on Netflix and prime,
    but is that a crime?
    I do have some private things on my phone,
    but who are you to judge that as right or wrong?
    I love my torn clothes,
    they're all lined up in the doors.
    I'm on different sites,
    from where on others I spy's!
    I also have a cute lit'pet,
    with whom as play all day set.
    I'm a movie buff,
    and I secretly do have a crush!
    But this does not end here,
    their are a few whom I can't bear,
    Those are included in my dears!
    And look, there he is,
    reading this without moving his wrist!!
    Don't worry if this doesn't suit you,
    cause that's not included in my way too

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    Why are you even concerned?