• jeitendra_shrma 10w

    no more this same old faces
    no more these same people;

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    no more;

    where should one seek asylum?
    I, the modern man
    who have destroyed the Gods
    who is at the forefront
    not looking back
    and when struck with lightning
    see no cure, see no place to go
    no underground cave
    no star within reach
    no superpower imaginary being;

    find oneself alone
    with no real human
    all are masquerading as one
    they are dead long ago
    no feelings whatsoever
    Just parasites thriving on me
    eating my thoughts and health
    pulling me in
    into the mass grave of mediocrity;

    but can't go there
    can go nowhere
    haven't written my due
    a burden on me
    for the next generations
    keeper of the great secrets
    my sufferings are nothing;

    I was warned
    not to step up for this
    not to see beyond what is normal
    not to seek beyond
    not to look deeper into the depths,
    but I dare to do it
    I dare to find the truth
    and there is no great truth than suffering
    and whoever wants to find it
    finds the immense suffering;

    this mediocrity is killing me
    these dead people
    making me sick
    I can't breathe
    I need liberation
    I want to be free from this open cage
    these invisible chains
    making me bleed
    these monsters on my chest
    hurting me;

    I see no hope
    no light, no end of this road
    I see no destination
    this journey has been so long
    I am tired
    I want to rest
    find me the one place
    where I can sleep
    where I can smile again
    where I can see the one face
    where there is no mediocrity
    where there is no hatred
    where there are no human rules;

    and if not
    give me freedom from this life
    set me free
    into the wild
    or shoot me to the stars
    but no more here
    no more this same old faces
    no more these same people;