• thehiddenlove 22w

    Love story 8

    “How we gone so far away?”, I ask him. He gets shock with my sudden question. I explain him the meaning of my question. “We love each other and there’s no doubt about that. We fight, we misunderstood, had heated arguments over silly things like why I come late or why you’re being irresponsible?, why don’t you text me back? Those are the days where we don’t even talk to each other? We live in same home like a complete stranger. But the thought of leaving all of my heart who belongs to you is terrible. The moment this thought cross to my mind, I close my eyes and remember that moment where we’re holding our hands, enjoy the sunset without saying a single word to each other and wiping my tears in silence.” Realisation hit him hard and he hugged me tightly with tears in his own eyes. Sometimes it’s better to say what you’re going through rather than expecting someone to understand you without saying.