• forterisse 10w


    walking down the empty alley
    its a cold and breezy midnight
    the path is dark, ‘twas so lonely—
    for no one lit the rusty street lights

    a tall man approached me slowly
    he looks suspicious, it’s scary
    his aura seems so cloudy
    little did i know, his storms were after me

    he grasped my wrist harshly
    covered my mouth tightly
    he squeezed my body against the wall
    as i was terrified ‘cause i got no one to call

    the man undressed me
    his hands roamed around my body
    satisfaction was evident on his face
    while i was disgusted at the sight of my lace

    the same old nightmare played repeatedly
    wanted to rest but the scene is too clear to not see
    flashed right after my eyes was the man behind my haunted dreams
    he keeps on telling me i got no dignity
    but doc said i may be tainted but never dirty.