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    Once, the black heart was red. Baba, jodi tomay bole bojhate partaam��
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    Agonizing aura

    Poison stops the pulsations.
    Stinging words disable sensations.
    They like the sonat tuning,
    i prefer the unfortunate ruining.
    Running, hiding and escaping,
    into the vespers.
    Touching the brim of shiver.

    Those stark sentences,
    which cannot be commended.
    Shattering me, tormenting me,
    your pinning points are pricking me.
    Not a "daddy's princess" anymore.
    Nevertheless, i wanted to be something more.

    Toiling tough not to
    let the things out of control,
    as you know if it not happens, then everything's going to be under toll.
    Circumstances have changed,
    You have raged.
    And this is making us shag.
    Notwithstanding, i will try to be the same...