• jeet___ 30w

    Dirl- to vibrate or tingle

    Philophobic-one who doesn't believe in love

    Entelechy-a vital agent

    Pril-the nickname of a girl that has beauty ,intelligence wrapped up in one hot bod

    Keld -a spring or fountain

    Feld(German)-----field (English)

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    And so she began to produce the dirl ..
    Philophobic began to fall for swift curl..!

    He tried a lot to escape...
    But Entelechy of desire has come to shape..!

    A simple smile with a winsome grace..
    Making one more aficionado join the race ...!

    A lot in the race with enormous zeal
    As she's so pretty ! She's such a a pril !

    She is a bursting keld
    I am just a barren feld..!

    Elucidating my thought
    To Reach the conclusions I sought..!

    (On my bed
    Closing my eyes
    Delving into those moments ..)

    Into the depth of her vermilion lips..
    I was lost whole night falling so deep..!